digital persona


Programming isn't something that I do for money.

It is because it's my passion. Programming, in our world, is a convoluted thing, filled with libraries, frameworks, and all sorts of keyboard trickery. However, at the end of it, there lies a masterful product: one that may change the world, even. That is exactly what appeals to me. The ability to make something revolutionary through something that is incredibly accessible is the greatest thing one can do.

Ideas don't come free. They require hard work, with setbacks all along the way. My job isn't necessarily to create ideas; it can also be to help realize dreams. My job is to bear all the grunt work that is required to put an idea into reality, be it large or small.

I am Rishi Kothari. I am a programmer, and I make products out of dreams.

Who am I?

Hard to describe. First and foremost, I'm a maker. I love building things with naïvety, blissfully unaware of the real world. I dream of a life where everyone can do that with no repercussions.
However, I'm also a realist. My current work focuses on capitalizing on raw human capital to enact positive social change—projects like PetCode and Legist.

More concretely, I'm a 15-year-old living, working, and breathing out of Brampton, Canada. I was thrown into the world of programming through pure chance when I was 8, and after hitting the ground running, I never stopped.

You may find me on most platforms at @rishiosaur, or Instagram at @rishi.cx